Can building more Gigafactories solve our energy crisis?

Published by Hector Castaneda on

As the world moves towards a more sustainable future away from fossil fuels, Gigafactories will become more and more frequent. The investment and resources taken to build them is huge, however as electric cars, sustainable workplaces and homes require more battery driven technology, demand for the construction of these facilities is part of the story.

Perhaps not surprisingly the main players at the moment seem to be USA and China, however Europe is starting to take part in this new building phase, in Sweden a huge facility is currently being built with an aim to start battery production at the end of 2021.

However questions remain about these Gigafactories, with the amount of energy, resources and effort taken to build such structures, what will happen when the Earth runs out of resources used to make batteries such as: lithium, cobalt, graphite amongst many others? Will countries that build these power structures create and hold a monopoly of battery technology?

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