Should nuclear waste water be released back into our oceans?

Published by Hector Castaneda on

The catastrophe that is known simple as Fukushima (Japan) took place in 2011 and was caused by a natural disaster, specifically a massive earthquake. It resulted in the failure of the power and cooling systems of three nuclear reactors which eventually lead to nuclear meltdowns and chemical explosions, thus releasing radiation into the atmosphere. It was quickly brought under control with huge quantities of water used to cool down the reactors.

According to the sources the water will be safely treated and diluted so radiation levels are lower than those for drinking water.

However questions still remain, is the water clean enough to be released back into the ocean? Will it have an impact on sea life and eventually an impact on us as water currents travel  from place to place? Should there be an International committee that has a say on this type of decision?  

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