Can seaweed islands save us and our oceans?

Published by Hector Castaneda on

As humanity progresses and populations grow, we are more than ever releasing CO2 gases into our atmosphere. Science has now proven that CO2 has an effect on the way we live, causing natural disasters, pollution in cities and changes in the environment, these issues are becoming more common by the day. How we solve these issues will be key to our survival. There has already been efforts by countries to tackle this, such as the “Paris Agreement” and individuals making a stand by cutting emissions but this sadly may not be enough. However, according to marine ecologists, biologists and other scientists there might be a way to reverse the amount of gases released, using something ordinary and in abundance in our seas. Can growing something so simple as seaweed help reverse the effects of CO2 emissions and in turn save our futures?

“Seaweeds are a platform of opportunity, in sustainability, nutrition and innovation,”

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