Can too much of a good thing affect our climate?

Published by Hector Castaneda on

As we become more aware of climate change, governments, corporations and individuals are turning to renewable energy sources to try and neutralise climate change and find a solution to this grave problem the world faces. One solution is to install solar panel farms in places that experience high amounts of daylight hours and intense heat from the sun such as deserts. However, scientists are beginning to wonder if “too much of a good thing” is starting to have a negative effect on the planet. As solar panels absorb energy from the sun, convert it into energy, they are in turn affecting the amount of light reflected onto the atmosphere by the light colour surfaces of the desert, this can trigger a bigger net effect of changing weather patterns and rain patterns in other parts of the world such as: jungles, rainforests and tropical areas.

Should we be more cautious on what kind of renewable energy resources we use? Should we be better educating the younger generations about the effects of these new forms of renewable energy? What strategies should we adopt to reduce these negative effects?

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