Bringing back animal cells to save them from extinction

Published by Siegfried Weyler on

It is common knowledge that some animal species have been pushed almost to the point of extinction over the last few hundreds of years, due to change of habitat, climate change, human intervention or even human consumption. More often than not the general public finds out such animals are at risk of disappearing too late, and so it’s difficult to reverse the damage done, at times however human conservation, preservation and intervention has helped bring species back from the brink of extinction.

There are institutions around the world who dedicate their efforts in protecting some of these animals. A zoo in the USA, has started freezing the cells of some of these animals in the hope that they can be reproduced with future technology and science. However questions remain. Is this an ethical practice? By preserving frozen DNA and cells from almost extinct and extinct animals, can we truly save them and in turn save those environments in which they lived and thrived?

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