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  • Q: I need a replacement card or game component. Can I get one?

    A: Yes! Send an email to info@socialresponsibilitygame.com with a description of your damaged/lost card or component along with your mailing address and we’ll do our best to replace it.

  • Q: I lost my rule booklet, can I find the rules online?

    A: Head over to our Game Rules page to read and download our instructions. You can also find an overview of each card on the Cards page.

  • Q: How do I contact you?

    A: You can always reach out to us at info@socialresponsibilitygame.com.

  • Shipping

  • Q: Can I change my delivery address after I have placed an order?

    A: It may be possible to change your delivery address, if the item has not yet been dispatched. Reply to your email confirmation of the order or contact us at info@socialresponsibilitygame.com and we will do our best to help you.

  • General Gameplay

  • Q: If I have one card left, for example Rock, Paper, Scissors do I need to play the action of that card?

    A: Yes, the action must be played normally. In the case of Rock, Paper Scissors you must win the dual to win the game.

  • Q: Can I play a card that I just picked up from the deck or received from another player?

    A: No, you must wait until it is your turn again, picking up a card from the deck instead of playing a card, ends your turn.

  • Q: Can I choose to pick up a card from the deck even if I am able to play with the card I currently hold?

    A: Yes, you are not required to play just because you have a card that can be played

  • Natural Disaster

  • Q: If I play a Natural Disaster, can I also play the Blocker card to not participate in the redistribution of the cards?

    A: No, you can’t play a blocker after you have played the Natural Disaster card. The Blocker card can only block other players attacks.

  • Journalist

  • Q: What happens when another player plays a Journalist card, but someone else is already the Journalist?

    A: The Journalist status moves to the player who most recently played a Journalist card.

  • Q: How many cards can I give away as the Journalist?

    A: There is no limit to how many cards the Journalist can give away. Each time another player verbally answers a question a card is given away.

  • Q: What happens when the Natural Disaster is played and I am the Journalist, do I lose the Journalist status?

    A: Yes, the journalist is collected with the rest of the cards and is randomly dealt out again. Unless, the blocker card is played then you hold on to the journalist status.

  • Oppressor

  • Q: Does everyone try to slap the Oppressor card, including the person that played the card?

    A: No, everyone except the person who played the Oppressor slaps the card when it is played.

  • Liberator

  • Q: What happens when another Liberator is played when someone else is already playing with open cards?

    A: Only one player plays with open cards at a time so the previous player can pick them up and a new player is chosen to play with open cards.

  • Hacker

  • Q: Is a player required to take card from another player or can they choose to just look at their cards?

    A: When the Hacker is played they must choose a player to take a card from, they cannot decide not to take a card. Therefore you cannot win the game by playing this as your last card.

  • Virus

  • Q: Do I need to announce “I’ve been infected with the VIRUS” when I collect a Virus card from the deck?

    A: No, you only announce when it’s received from another player.

  • Q: If I am dealt the Virus card at the beginning of the game, do I need to announce “I’ve been infected with the VIRUS”?

    A: No, you only announce when it’s received from another player.

  • Q: If I hold three social action points and the virus card, do I still win the game?

    A: No, you must get rid of the Virus card to win.

  • Social Action

  • Q: Is it possible to take a Social Action point once it has been played?

    A: Played Social Action points can only be moved when a Natural Disaster card is played and the player who holds the points does not play a Blocker card.

  • Blocker

  • Q: What cards can be blocked using the Blocker card?

    A: The best way to find out which cards can be blocked is to look at the rules included in the game or on our website. Each card in the rules says whether it can be blocked or not.

  • Divorce

  • Q: If my last card is a Divorce card and I play it, have I won the game?

    A: Yes! You have no more cards in your hand so you have won the game. Even a blocker card can't stop you from winning here.

  • Q: If I hold five cards, how many do I give away after shuffling?

    A: Give away two cards, as rounding down half of five is two.

  • Q: If I have two cards left and I play a Divorce card, can I give my final card away?

    A: No, you always have to give half of your cards away. As half of one is not possible you keep your card and the game continues.

  • Referendum

  • Q: How do we decide who gives a card to who when a Referendum card is played?

    A: The person who plays the card is the first to suggest who gives a card to whom, however any player can put forward a counter proposal.

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors - Group

  • Q: What if the Rock, Paper, Scissors Group results in a draw, do we play again?

    A: No, only one round is played for Rock, Paper, Scissors Group, a draw means no one gives or takes cards from each other.

  • Q: Can I give away cards I have received from another activist and what happens if I do not have enough cards to give away?

    A: You cannot give away cards you have received from another activist. You must first give away as many as you can and then receive the cards from other activists.

  • Take My S**t

  • Q: My final card is Take My S**t, if I play it have I then won the game?

    A: When you play Take My S**t and you have no more cards left, you must still follow the action written by the card, so you swap your now empty hand with the activist of your choice, that activist wins the game.

    (Golden Tip, don’t play this card as your final card)

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