What effects can COVID have on our relationships?

Published by Siegfried Weyler on

The social effects of the global pandemic are still not all known and even more are not fully understood. The pandemic has changed our everyday lives and the future in many ways. The lock-down in many countries around the world has increased stress and fear for many people, and their love life has also suffered as a result.

How many marriages have broken down and are in danger of doing so during the Corona period? Divorce lawyers will only be able to provide an insight in about a year or so. However, one thing is certain, the Corona crisis is a burden for many couples. The article below gives us an insight into these difficult times and mentions a few tips on how a lock-down relationship can work.

On the other side of this the pandemic has pushed many new couples into fast forwarding their relationship to a stage that normally would have taken longer to reach. This has been described as a positive by many couples, as it has allowed them to look past a lot of the superficial elements of a new relationship to determine if the match is right sooner on. However many single people have expressed their worry about how much harder it is to meet someone new and to develop a new relationship during these hard times. Like everything, we can extract positives and negatives out of any situation.

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